Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Laugh Out Loud

Laughter is contagious. And awesome. Not the normal one which you get while watching videos of babies and puppies, but the ones where you have tears hanging on your eyelids and hands holding your stomach. My mom, my wife, my nephew and my grandpa, all look so different and fun when they laugh. The more uncontrollable the laughter, the more beautiful they look and it brings some warmth to watch them laugh. But its not easy to see them laugh like that and it doesn't happen in a planned manner. In recent times, when at home, I have a tendency to literally LOL for a decent enough joke. I tend to laugh a little louder and longer than the joke deserves. Not so different from Mogambo and other super villains. So much so that i get that odd stare from my mom or wife now and then, but I don't care, I don't feel guilty. I actually feel sorry for them that they don't get to do it so often. I can't explain to them why I do it. It feels like I'm feeding my brain some stimuli. It feels good, life seems better for as long as the laughter is prolonged.

We all earn to feed our body and mind. The amount of money required to feed the body and meet its basic needs are very less and increase very slightly as your status in the society or wealth increases. Rich or poor, you pretty much eat the same quantity of food and need the same amount of space to rest the body. As you get richer, the quality of food increases and more money is spent on keeping the body fit so that you can continue to work more and earn more. But the increase is not really significant or proportional to the increase in your income or status. So where does all the money go?To feed your mind.

We all toil to feed our mind. The mind that always wants more. The mind that needs continuous entertainment and enrichment. Books, movies, gadgets, alcohol, drugs, internet, more internet. It is a never ending list that keeps changing. Nothing is pinned to the list, if something is pinned, then chances are that it will become your doom or cause maximum damage to your life at some point of time. The mind wants to have it all. The latest mobile phone, that two digit GPD growth, that greater than GDP growth salary hike, that mandatory promotion without change in duties or responsibilities followed by the mandatory low appraisal because of the mandatory promotion, that secondary and tertiary income source, those schemes to reduce your tax burden due to those income sources. It wants to see all the wonders of the world, experience everything possible and envy everything else.

But the mind's desires are evolving as I said. Remember how children desire toys that they use for a few weeks and break it or lose it or lose interest in it? As they grow older, the desires become more expensive but at the same time more lasting and significant. Like bicycles, video games, clothes, girlfriends etc. But nothing lasts forever. Add few more years and desires change to better job, bigger home, snazzier car, alcohol etc. You get the drift, as you gain more age and wisdom, you look for more permanent stuff. Do you?

The mind while it craves for large chunks of desires and achievements, also looks for the small snacks every now and then. The mind needs continuous feeding. Not just the main course but also the soup, starters and desserts and even tea. Long needed holidays, meeting your childhood friend, winning in some game. That desire to check into Facebook every few hours, that tendency to watch pointless videos shared by strangers and liked by someone in your friends list. That favourite movie of yours thats running on TV that you just want to watch again. They are like short sips of tea to the mind. We spend so much time and resources to feed the mind. Even pleasing your senses is feeding the mind. That beautiful looking steak is not to feed your tummy but to satisfy your taste buds which feed the mind. While we appreciate the capabilities of the mind for its multi tasking skills and speed at which it works, these desires are the hidden processes that are happening simultaneously and still they say that the mind is not even utilising a quarter of its processing powers.

Science works on boundaries and framework. When there is lack of it, they use terms that sound scientific but actually are just words. Like Infinity, Space and the mind. The mind thinks of good things, bad things, productive things, harmful things, stupid things, so many things at the same time. It feels emotions, takes decisions, regrets them, changes them and feels emotions again. If you start writing down the functions of your mind, how long do you think that list would be? Would there be a structure or hierarchy to these functions? Could they be grouped/categorised? In all this chaos, is there really any control? Is there this thread that holds everything in place? Is it a really strong thread?

Is there actual control? Is there supposed to be a balance? between the smaller desires and the bigger ones? Can I hack the system that is my mind to feel fed and full without actually feeding it?

Or is the thread really a flimsy one? Is each one of us on the border line of insanity? Are we sane at all times? Are we sane at all? Mmmmmwwwahahahahahaha

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