Thursday, August 25, 2011

What I expect in heaven...

The concept of heaven is like a sweet blurry dream from last night. We do not remember it clearly but we're sure that it was good. Similarly, There is no accurate description of heaven but we all know that it is the best place to be. There are certain illustrations of heaven in movies and childhood stories that come to mind, like blue skies with dense silver clouds, clouds all around you as if you are walking on one of them, almost blinding light everywhere, beautiful trees bearing fruit, every person in the surrounding in white overalls and calm faces (to show that they have attained "inner peace" - though i frankly think that word was created by people who do not like to have fun)

From childhood, i have been taught, through my religion as well as from other sources, that i need to be good and do good things to be in this bright, beautiful place for eternity. These illustrations do make heaven an attractive place to be, but for how long? The movies and stories do not last for more than a few hours, What would you do in a place like that for whole of eternity?

Then what should heaven be like? what can make it pleasant and joyful for whole of eternity? First requirement would be people. People i love and like to be with. Parents, brothers and sisters, cousins, uncle and aunts, grand parents, friends, colleagues, class mates and some acquaintances. And walking in the clouds all the time would be really boring. I would like to visit different places like waterfalls, lakes, beaches, my native, my house, my room, watch a movie, eat out etc. Speaking of eating out, how long can one just live on apples and oranges? I don't see any chickens walking around in the clouds in those illustrations of heaven. The more i try to draw this picture of heaven, the more it resembles my real life. I'm surrounded by people i love and like to be with. I can visit any place i like, and I think i do that quite often. And there is no limit to the choice of food available these days. Some may argue that when you enter heaven you lose all these worldly desires. You would not want anything. But then, it should not make a difference to such a person if it is heaven or hell. He doesn't want either.

What is it then that would make the difference? A natural desire would be to remove all the negatives in life. That would make the difference. A life without failures, sickness, and arguments would be very close to heaven, one may think. But doesn't failure increase the joy of subsequent success? Doesn't sickness increase the value of good health? Don't arguments and fights help us understand each other and ourselves? So i wouldn't want them to be removed. I would like to feel sad and happy, be healthy and sick, fight and make up. and fight again. The point is that i firmly believe that heaven is here, right here, right now. Right now, the joy that i get from writing this blog and posting it on the internet with a belief that the very few people who would read it, are reading it not just to pass time (if you are reading this to pass time, you have really bad taste) but because they think i'm important enough to them to spend a few minutes of their time on. And it is these people who make this place as heaven for me. It is my duty to make this heaven for them and everyone around which is why one one should do good and be good. not in return for some dream called heaven in the future.

Moral: I love my life. Go hug yours.