Saturday, October 29, 2011

Power dressing

I'm not the kind of person who's into fashion and stuff. Not very concerned of what dress i wear to what occasion. Well, that was what i thought, but recently i've realized that i was like that a couple of years back. A reflection on my recent buying habits reveals quite the contrary. I'm quite specific about my clothes. There was a time when my mom used to curse me for not dressing appropriately for church or any other occasions for which i had to tag along with them, but that was some time back. I think the transition started when i started buying clothes with my own money. I already have a plan of what clothes i'll be buying next. It has to be a dark blue jean, a fitting all black kurta and a t shirt with light purple horizontal stripes and yellow collar. Not to be worn at the same time of course. I have picked up the idea from various sources, some of which are figments of my imagination.

There is an idea that has been fascinating me for quite sometime. One that i find really amusing and would like to try out sometime. I like the idea of over dressing. completely inappropriate dressing actually. Imagine a few neighborhood friends just randomly decide to go to the local restaurant for dinner. One that serves only a handful of dishes and with a maximum of one waiter. All of them would be in their bare casuals, shorts, sleeveless, bathroom slippers, etc. Now imagine one of them turns up in sherwani. Gold colored with all hand work done in silver. Or imagine a guy wearing a king's attire complete with the sword and turban going to a mall to meet his girl friend waiting for him in t shirt and jeans. Or a guy wearing a full suit for playing football with his son. Wait a minute, i think raymond took that idea for an ad. And then, this one i actually witnessed, a guy working in a corporate, wearing a red t-shirt and blue jean mechanic uniform (See attached pic, remove the helmet) to a colleague's wedding. I could not resist the temptation to click a photo with him.

But it all ends there. Come to think of it, boys have shamefully less choices for clothes. No wonder we don't take time for shopping. Just think about it, if a guy wants some clothes to adorn on the lower part of his body his choices are two. Trousers or shorts with a combination of materials varying from cotton to jean to baggy. I'm not counting 3/4ths. They look good * provided you are the beach and topless with a body that you can dare to flaunt. But look at the choices a woman has. There is micro, mini, short, 3/4ths, full length and extra length. And there is a choice of pants or skirts in all those sizes. Don't even get me started on the choice of salwars. There is a new salwar born with every new actress in tinsel town. Thats more than the number of movies released in that period. There are even different ways and styles of wearing a saree. Try wearing your t shirt inside out and people are thinking you are having a hangover. In fact, i think the sherwani was a desperate attempt to catch up with them ladies. More of a revenge for stealing the lungi and calling it a skirt.

I think there should be some progress in the evolution of our clothes. All those sci-fi movies about the future show awesome cars and buildings and electronic devices but the guys are almost always wearing the same old shirts and trousers. Time for a change.


  1. Elegantly written. Each of your post is about capturing little emotions and small experiences with the touch of a keen observer. Makes a good read, therefore.