Monday, May 30, 2011

The HR intern


I recently resigned my previous job at one of the leading vehicle manufacturers in India, to join my family business. While there is no scale of comparison between the two and both have their own advantages and headaches, there are somethings about my previous job that i would miss. A Lot. Some of them, i've tried to elaborate as a tribute to the great work experience they gave me.

The HR Intern:
What i'm talking about here is not a specific person but a phenomenon that occurs in most organizations and even colleges.

Being an engineering company, the female to male ratio was somewhere around 1 : 123456 and counting. With all the female population concentrated at the head quarters where i was stationed. Now that would sound so much like paradise, until you consider the age spectrum. If built a little differently, the office could be easily mistaken for an old age home.

Rarely could we spot good looking females who were not married. There was a good chance that they were in relationships, but hey, who cares?? Anyways, these occasional sightings would mostly be college students doing their internship in the HR department or the likes.
Advantage: you get to see different females every 2-3 months.
Disadvantage: There was no scope of an actual relationship. Not that it was achievable in a longer timespan, but it sounds like a really good excuse.

We didn't know her name, or her college, or any information. in short, we couldn't even find her on facebook. but we knew the one most important information. The time she has lunch. I think the only good thing about our canteen was that everybody was forced to eat there. Even if we had brought our own lunch, we had to sit in the canteen and eat.

Our whole group ensured that we were in the canteen at the exact same time that she had lunch. We would enter as a gang and crane our necks in all directions to locate her and sit at a table closest to where she was sitting or where she would probably sit, if we reached before her. If you are a lady reading this, let me tell you that we are not as cheap as you think. it would usually be one of us who would be interested in the female and not all. we are just there for moral support. its part of team work i guess.  But it is also true that it is usually that one shameless guy who is interested in all the interns. And i'm not that guy.

Well, moral of the story is that it was great fun, something that i will miss. And i'm sure it happens everywhere. Sometimes its the HR intern, sometimes that new recruit from a rival software company, sometimes the fresher in EEE.

P.S. if you are a lady reading this, please do leave your number.


  1. and who was that 'shameless guy' may i ask? bigbird? naah!

  2. Not big bird, but we'll keep it a secret. As i said. its not about a specific scenario. these shameless guys are everywhere. in every gang.